Puglia is among the Italian destinations most chosen by yoga teachers. A goal that allows you to
combine yoga practice with the discovery of the territory. Wake up at dawn in Trulli Terra Viva, breathe a
full lungs, release new energy, listen to your body and the natural environment that surrounds you. There
wonder of nature is the ideal setting for yoga practice.


Here, among the Apulian hills, well-being is an authentic lifestyle. It's not just a practice
aesthetic or relaxing, but of real well-being experiences, Through manipulations and
gradual pressures. In addition to the more traditional techniques, applications can be experimented with
from oriental culture for general relaxation and energy rebalancing.

Hairdresser and beautician

Directly in the structure you will have the opportunity to have professionals at your disposal!

The other activities

Trulli Terra Viva
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